Kiwi Vietnam Tours provide Escorted Sightseeing and School package tours to Vietnam and Cambodia. Our package tours include flights, travel insurance, Visa's, accommodation, and entrance fees per the itinerary.

Our Tour Itineraries are constantly updated to include new places of interest. We print specific Itineraries for each tour.

Our Tours are not restricted to any age group although generally our escorted groups range from 45 to 75 yrs and are 8 to 14 persons. To ensure you are able to get the most out of your tour, there is a requirement that you are physically able to walk 1 or 2 km per day, step into and off boats and walk up a few steps. If you have difficulty, there is always someone to help.

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Sightseeing Tours

Kiwi Vietnam Tours offer two exciting Vietnam package tours for sightseers, each running several times a year. Our tours fly from New Zealand via Singapore / Bangkok and if you are travelling from overseas or have other travel arrangements, you can simply join up with our tours in Vietnam.

Vietnam Highlights Tour

Our Highlights Tour immerses you in the beauty of Vietnam for 12 days, plus 2 days travel. See our separate information page.

Vietnam Discovery Tour

Our Discovery Tour is a more comprehensive overland 18-day tour of Vietnam, showing you more of her people, history and culture.

Optional Extension: Experience Cambodia

Kiwi Vietnam Tours now offers the opportunity to extend your Discovery or Highlights Tour with a 6-day excursion to Cambodia, to experience the capital city Phnom Penh and the majesty of Angkor Wat, based out of Siem Reap

Take a look at what we can offer, then get in touch for more details about our sightseeing tour options.

School Tours

Kiwi Vietnam Tours are experienced operators of school tours through Vietnam: bringing our understanding of the culture and its impact on visitors, together with our background in education and risk management.

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Customised Tours

Fancy a tour to Vietnam and /or Cambodia with your friends or family! We can help. Often tour dates do not suit your time frame and the itineraries are not what you want.

We have many years experience of designing tours for our customers who wish to go where and when it suits them.

We would be pleased to advise, design and organise your tour no matter what your group size is.

Please see our Vietnam Discovery and Vietnam Highlights tour itineraries for examples of what we can put together for your group.

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