About Us

Kiwi Vietnam Tours

Nev Parrott and Penny O'Leary founded Kiwi Vietnam Tours in 2000 after requests from friends and schools interested in touring Vietnam.

A frequent traveller to Vietnam for business, Nev extended his stays to explore this remarkable country and has since developed a passion for the people and their culture.

In 2008 we included tours to neighbouring Cambodia. We believe to understand the culture and daily life of these two countries you need to do some of the "hard yards" and include some road travel, shopping in the markets and trying the local food.

Penny and Nev are dedicated to providing tours that dispense tourist dollars to as many Vietnamese and Khmer people as possible.

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    “Kiwi Vietnam Tours have organised three school trips to Vietnam for St Peter's College, Palmerston North. Each time has been an unqualified success from not only my point of view, but from each member of the travelling party.
    “Nev Parrott is thoroughly familiar with issues surrounding health, safety, personal security and other aspects of risk management.”

    Tony Booker—Assistant Principal // St. Peter's College, Palmerston North

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    “In Vietnam during April 2000, Nev guided us on our adventure. We quickly learnt that what is planned either happens or doesn't happen on time. This is when Nev really shone. He has amazing patience and knew how to interact with the Vietnamese so that no one lost ‘face’. Nev was so calm and reasonable throughout and unfailingly informative.”

    Martin Sims—Teacher // Palmerston North Boys High School

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    “Vietnam was very different from anything I had ever experienced. The first thing that everyone noticed was the heat! Even at 3am it was 35 degrees. For people who had so little materially they always had a smile. We always felt welcome. My favourite times were the boat cruise in Nha Trang, shopping in Saigon and hiring mopeds in Hanoi.”

    Karen Cresswell—Student // St. Matthews College, Masterton